Radical Remnant Youth Ministry

Radical Remnant is the name of the WWC Youth Group. The name Radical Remnant is derived from the verse Genesis 45:7 which says  "But God sent me ahead of you to preserve for you a remnant on earth and to save your lives by a great deliverance."  Radical Remnant Youth Ministry is where we encourage and support our youth, for ages 12 to 19 (grades 6-12) by creating a loving and caring environment for training our youth and adult leaders in ministering in the church and community.  The Bible provides the framework which shapes our youth ministry.  Our vision for Youth Ministry brings young people and adults together as a community of God's people where:

If you are a young person or are the parent of a young person, we invite you to join this dynamic ministry.  Radical Remnant meets each Wednesday in their coffee house, Fire Escape, at 7:00 PM for Bible Study.  Other activities are announced at the meetings.

Note from Pastor Tim McKinley,

We are so glad you checked out our site and we hope you will fellowship with us on Wednesday night. Our heart for Radical Remnant Youth is to see them pursue an intimate relationship with the Lord through passionate worship and daily walking with Him. The vision of Radical Remnant Youth is to win the lost, disciple them, get them ready for the ministry, and send them out to positively impact the World around them for the cause of Christ. We are serious about our mission and sincerely would love for you to co-labor with us to help accomplish this vision. We are so happy that you chose to visit our youth site. We look forward to seeing you Wednesday night at 7 p.m.

If I or WWC Youth Pastors can assist you in anyway, you may contact us.

God bless you,

Pastor Tim McKinley