Men of Purpose

From its initial printing on the Gutenberg press in the 15th Century, the Bible has been the most widely published book in history.  Why is it that we have this one book (and in most cases, many copies of it) on our shelves or coffee tables? Almost every person you ask would agree the Bible is an important book.  How often do we actually read the Bible? Do we understand what it means when we read it? How does the Bible apply to our lives?

At WOWIC, Men of Purpose is a Men's ministry that lays the foundation for a deeper understanding of the Bible.  The vision of this ministry is to reach men in the city of Cartersville, GA and empower them to be the head of their home in the Godly order in which God planned.  This ministry creates the environment, accountability and relationships that support men to grow deeper in the knowledge and understanding of God and the Bible.  As your understanding of the Bible increases, you will find your relationship with all souls and God deepening.  We are committed to creating disciples that rightly divide the Word of God.