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DateSermon TitleAuthor
4/23 Final Words Danny McGeeplay
4/15Easter Message Danny McGeeplay
4/12The Four Gospels Session 36 ConclusionDanny McGeeplay
4/2Do not forget where you came from Danny McGeeplay
3/26Just To Know Him BetterDanny McGeeplay
3/22The Four Gospels Session 39 your choice Danny McGeeplay
3/12His Grace and MercyDanny McGeeplay
3/8The Four Gospels Session 38 Increase Our FaithDanny McGeeplay
3/5Are we behaving like say We BelieveDanny McGeeplay
2/26How We Should Live Danny McGeeplay
2/19The power of his resurrectionDanny McGeeplay
2/15The Four Gospels Session 37 the power of humilityDanny McGeeplay
2/12 Being FaithfulDanny McGeeplay
2/8The Four Gospels Session 36 - The Cost Of Discipleship Danny McGeeplay
2/5What Are You Going To Do About It Danny McGeeplay
1/29What is your attitudeDanny McGeeplay
1/25The Four Gospels Session 35 - Prayer And RelationshipDanny McGeeplay
1/22Is your spirit Willing Danny McGeeplay
1/18The Four Gospels Session 34 -Jesus Down To Earth TeachingDanny McGeeplay
1/15It's all about a relationship with the Holy SpiritDanny McGeeplay
1/11The Four Gospels Session 33 - Knowing the FatherDanny McGeeplay
1/4The Four Gospels Session 32 - John Chapter 11Danny McGeeplay
1/1Resurrection Into LifeDanny McGeeplay
12/4The coming of the Lord Danny McGeeplay
11/27Where is your faith Danny McGeeplay
11/20Walking in fellowship with Christ Danny McGeeplay
11/16The Four Gospels Session 31 The Good ShepherdDanny McGeeplay
11/13Power Of Distraction pt 02Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
11/9The Four Gospels Session 30 John Chapter 9Danny McGeeplay
11/6Power Of Distraction Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
11/2The Four Gospels Session 29 - John Chapter 8 Part 2Danny McGeeplay
10/26The Four Gospels Session 28 - Caught In Sin Danny McGeeplay
10/23Spiritual Gifts pt3Roger Gosnell play
10/19The Four Gospels Session 27 - Believe Or Do not BelieveDanny McGeeplay
10/16Spiritual Gifts pt2Roger Gosnell play
10/9 Spiritual Gifts pt1Roger Gosnell play
10/5The Four Gospels - Session 26 Parables &The Blasphemy Of The Holy SpiritDanny McGeeplay
9/28The Four Gospels - Session 25 God Can Change Things Danny McGeeplay
9/25Trusting God In The Hard TimesRoger Gosnell play
9/21The Four Gospels - Session 24 Do you believeDanny McGeeplay
9/14The Four Gospels - Session 23 Jesus Lord of the SabbathDanny McGeeplay
9/7The Four Gospels - Session 22 - Death meets life Luke 7Danny McGeeplay
9/4Grace, The Power To Overcome Sin Pt02Roger Gosnell play
8/31The Four Gospels - Session 21 Jesus Who He IsDanny McGeeplay
8/28Grace, The Power To Overcome Sin Pt01Roger Gosnell play
8/24The Four Gospels - Session 20 Trust In JesusDanny McGeeplay
8/14The Love DeficitRoger Gosnell play
8/7Grace and More GraceRoger Gosnell play
8/3The Four Gospels - Session 19 - Life Comes To Town- John 3-4Danny McGeeplay
7/31 Battle PreparationDanny McGeeplay
7/27The Four Gospels - Session 18 The Law Explained Pt 05Danny McGeeplay
7/24Grace, The Most Demanding GospelDanny McGeeplay
7/20The Four Gospels - Session 17 The Law Explained Pt 04Danny McGeeplay
7/17Your Miracle & Gods TimingDanny McGeeplay
7/13The Four Gospels - Session 16 The Law Explained Pt 03Danny McGeeplay
7/7The Four Gospels - Session 15 The Law Explained Pt 02 Danny McGeeplay
7/3Faith VS AdversityDanny McGeeplay
6/29The Four Gospels - Session 14 The Law Explained Pt 01Danny McGeeplay
6/22The Four Gospels Session 13 The BeatitudesDanny McGeeplay
6/19Man Of GodDanny McGeeplay
6/12The Silent Witness Danny McGeeplay
6/8 The Four Gospels - Session 12 John Chapter 2 Danny McGeeplay
6/1The Four Gospels - Session 11 Jesus Ministry BeginsDanny McGeeplay
5/29Your Greatest Victory Comes After Your Biggest FailureDanny McGeeplay
5/22The Four Gospels - Session 10 The Temtations of ChristDanny McGeeplay
5/11The Four Gospels - Session 09 John The Bapiist pt2Danny McGeeplay
5/4The Four Gospels - Session 08 John The Bapiist pt1Danny McGeeplay
4/27The Four Gospels - Session 07 Jesus At The TempleDanny McGeeplay
4/20 The Four Gospels - Session 06 Mat Ch 2 Danny McGeeplay
4/13The Four Gospels - Session 05 Luke 2-1-40Danny McGeeplay
4/6The Four Gospels - Session 04 Luke 1-57-80Danny McGeeplay
3/30The Four Gospels - Session 03 Luke 1-27-56Danny McGeeplay
3/23The Four Gospels - Session 02 Luke 1:1-26Danny McGeeplay
3/20Liars, Drunks & MurderersPastor Tim McKinleyplay
3/16The Four Gospels - Session 01 The Gemealogy Of JesusDanny McGeeplay
3/13Believe, Requirements, UnbelliefDanny McGeeplay
3/9Exodus Wrap UpDanny McGeeplay
3/6Left overs & Now FaithPastor Tim McKinleyplay
3/2Exodus Chapter 21 - 23Danny McGeeplay
2/28Promises of GodGeorge Johnsonplay
2/24Exodus Chapter 20 Danny McGeeplay
2/21God has a orderDanny McGeeplay
2/17Exodus Chapters 18-19Danny McGeeplay
2/10Exodus Chapter 17Danny McGeeplay
2/7Parable Of The SowerGeorge Johnsonplay
1/27 Exodus Chapters 15-16 Danny McGeeplay
1/24 Celebrating RecoveryPastor Tim McKinleyplay
1/17Who's Faulit is it Danny McGeeplay
1/13Exodus Chapters 12b-14Danny McGeeplay
1/3Two Keys To increasePastor Tim McKinleyplay
12/27Who Jesus Is...Who Jesus Is To YouDanny McGeeplay
12/20Fear NotDanny McGeeplay
12/16Exodus Chapters 11-12aDanny McGeeplay
12/9Exodus Chapters 9 - 10 Danny McGeeplay
12/6Tis..The Season To BlessPastor Tim McKinleyplay
12/2Exodus Chapters 7 - 8 Danny McGeeplay
11/22Renewal BenefitsPastor Tim McKinleyplay
11/15Renewing Your MindDanny McGeeplay
11/11Exodus Chapter 6Danny McGeeplay
11/8Submitting To Succeed Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
11/4Exodus Chapters 4-5Danny McGeeplay
11/1Postured To Win Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
10/28Exodus Chapter 3Danny McGeeplay
10/21Exodus Chapters 1-2Danny McGeeplay
10/18The State Of The UnionDanny McGeeplay
10/14Genesis Chapter 50Danny McGeeplay
10/4Overcoming Obstacles pt 02 Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
9/23Genesis Chapters 46-47Danny McGeeplay
9/20 Overcoming ObstaclesPastor Tim McKinleyplay
9/16Genesis Chapter 45Danny McGeeplay
9/9Genesis Chapters 42-43-44 Danny McGeeplay
9/6Ephesians Chapter 1George Johnsonplay
9/2 Genesis Chapter 41Danny McGeeplay
8/26Genesis Chapters 39-40Danny McGeeplay
8/23Divrsity vs DivsionPastor Tim McKinleyplay
8/19Genesis Chapters 37-38 Danny McGeeplay
8/16Freedom Is Your ReponsilityGeorge Johnsonplay
8/12Genesis Chapters 34-35-36Danny McGeeplay
8/9From The HeartPastor Tim McKinleyplay
8/5Genesis Chapters 32 - 33Danny McGeeplay
7/29Genesis Chapter 31Danny McGeeplay
7/26Broken Chains pt 03Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
7/22Genesis Chapters 29 - 30Danny McGeeplay
7/19Broken Chains pt 02Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
7/15Genesis Chapters 27 - 28Danny McGeeplay
7/12Broken Chains pt 01Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
7/8Genesis Chapters 25 - 26Danny McGeeplay
7/5How to get your Prayers AnsweredGeorge Johnsonplay
6/28Going ThroughPastor Tim McKinleyplay
6/21A Farthers love Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
6/17Genesis Chapters 23 - 24 Danny McGeeplay
6/14Because He Did ,You Can pt 02Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
6/10Genesis Chapter 22Danny McGeeplay
6/7Because He Did ,You Can pt01Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
5/31His LoveDanny McGeeplay
5/24 Why do Bad Things Happen To Good PeopleDanny McGeeplay
5/20Geniesis Chapters 18 -19Danny McGeeplay
5/17The Picture of LifePastor Tim McKinleyplay
5/13Genies Chapter 17Danny McGeeplay
5/10Overcoming DiscouragementGeorge Johnsonplay
5/6Genesis Chapters 15-16 Danny McGeeplay
5/3Eagle ChristainsGeorge Johnsonplay
4/29Genesis Chapters 13-14Danny McGeeplay
4/26The Approved MindPastor Tim McKinleyplay
4/22Genesis Chapters 10 11 12 Danny McGeeplay
4/19The Restoration Process Pt 02Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
4/15Genesis Chapters 8 & 9Danny McGeeplay
4/12The Restoration Process P t01Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
4/8Genesis Chapter 7Danny McGeeplay
4/5The Power Of The ResurrectionPastor Tim McKinleyplay
4/1Genesis Chapter 6Danny McGeeplay
3/29The Choice Is YoursPastor Tim McKinleyplay
3/25Genesis Chapters 4-5Danny McGeeplay
3/22Great Expectations Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
3/18Genesis Chapter 3 Danny McGeeplay
3/1531 Days To Your Pathway To Freedom Pt 01Pastor Sarah McKinleyplay
3/11Genesis Chapters1-2 Danny McGeeplay
3/8You Must Be Born AgainDanny McGeeplay
3/4A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapter 21&22Danny McGeeplay
3/1The Unity of BelieversPastor Tim McKinleyplay
2/22Biblical Keys To ProsperityGeorge Johnsonplay
2/15Do Not FearPastor Tim McKinleyplay
2/11A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapter 20Danny McGeeplay
2/8TestimonyDanny McGeeplay
2/4A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapter 19 Danny McGeeplay
2/1Stay On The WheelRoxie Pritchett play
1/28A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapters 17&18Danny McGeeplay
1/25Teastimony About The AccidentPastor Tim McKinleyplay
1/21A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapter 16 Danny McGeeplay
1/18Will You Be Made Free Danny McGeeplay
1/14A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapter 14 & 15 Danny McGeeplay
1/11What Kind Of Christ Are You Looking ForDanny McGeeplay
1/7A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapter 13 Danny McGeeplay
1/4The Rapture Of The ChurchDanny McGeeplay
12/28The Family Tree Of Jesus Christ Danny McGeeplay
12/21The Gift From GodDanny McGeeplay
12/17A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapter 12 Danny McGeeplay
12/10A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapters 10&11 Danny McGeeplay
12/7 God Is A God Of The CircumstanceDanny McGeeplay
12/3A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapter 9Danny McGeeplay
11/23We Are Without Excuse Danny McGeeplay
11/16Keeping It Real Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
11/12The Beatitudes Danny McGeeplay
11/5Let Go And Let GodPastor Tim McKinleyplay
11/2Our MissionPastor Tim McKinleyplay
10/29Walking In ObedienceDanny McGeeplay
10/26The GospelDanny McGeeplay
10/19Step Out In FaithPastor Tim McKinleyplay
10/12Every Good And Perfect Gift Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
10/5The Importance Of Intercessory PrayerDanny McGeeplay
9/14 A Sound MindPastor Tim McKinleyplay
9/7The Power To Encouage Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
8/31JonahJeremy Watermanplay
8/24All Things Are PossiblePastor Tim McKinleyplay
8/20Mining For JewelsRita Perkinsonplay
8/17Precious Stones Or Wood, Hay, StrawDanny McGeeplay
8/10Overcoming Stuff Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
8/6A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapter 8Danny McGeeplay
8/3You Want It Or You Need It Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
7/27Understanding the Father's LovePastor Sarah McKinleyplay
7/6Testing By The Brook pt 02Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
6/29Why is it so easy to do the wrong thing and so hard to do rightJeremy Watermanplay
6/22Testing By The Brook Pt 01Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
6/15A Farthers PleasurePastor Tim McKinleyplay
6/8Rewards Of RelationshipPastor Tim McKinleyplay
6/4The Agony of LoveDanny McGeeplay
5/28Knowing The Farther pt05Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
5/25Knowning The Truth pt 02Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
5/21Knowing The Farther pt04Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
5/18Knowning The Truth pt 01Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
5/14Knowing The Farther pt03Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
5/7Knowing The Farther pt02 Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
4/27Victory Is MinePastor Tim McKinleyplay
4/23Knowing The Farther Pt01Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
4/20Easter Service Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
4/16Spiritual Maturity pt 11Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
4/13The Truth About Grace pt 02Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
4/6The Truth About Grace Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
4/2Spiritual Maturity pt 10Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
3/26Spiritual Maturity pt 09Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
3/23Knowing The Truth pt 04 (Don't Eat Your Seed)Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
3/16Knowing The Truth pt 03 (Covenant Tithe)pt02Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
3/12Spiritual Maturity pt 08Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
3/9Knowing The Truth pt 02 (Covenant Tithe)Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
3/5Spiritual Maturity pt 07Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
3/2Knowing The Truth pt 01 Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
2/26Spiritual Maturity pt 06Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
2/23Power To RejoicePastor Tim McKinleyplay
2/19Spiritual Maturity pt 05 Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
2/5Spiritual Maturity pt 04Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
2/2The Simplicity Of The GospelPastor Tim McKinleyplay
1/26Seedtime and HarvestPastor Sarah McKinleyplay
1/22Spiritual Maturity pt 03Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
1/19His PromisePastor Tim McKinleyplay
1/15Spiritual Maturity pt 02Pastor Tim McKinleyplay
1/12The Past Is The PastPastor Tim McKinleyplay
12/11Life Through Resurrection pt 2 Danny McGeeplay
12/4Life Through ResurrectionDanny McGeeplay
10/30A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapter 6b-7 Danny McGeeplay
10/23A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapter 5-6a Danny McGeeplay
10/20God Is Bigger & Ladies Retreat TestimoniesPastor Tim McKinleyplay
8/21 A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapter 4Danny McGeeplay
7/10A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapter 3bDanny McGeeplay
7/3A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapter 3aDanny McGeeplay
6/30Who Dose God Want Us To BeJeremy Watermanplay
6/12A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapter 2cDanny McGeeplay
6/5A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapter 2b Danny McGeeplay
5/29A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapter 02aDanny McGeeplay
5/22 A Study In The Book Of Revelation Chapter 01 Danny McGeeplay